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Sip’s 3 and 5 day cleanses are an effective way to begin eliminating toxins and strengthen and revitalize our cells. The Sip Detox is an ideal way to give your body a break from digestion and allow it to begin healing from the inside out. Think of it as hitting the reset button and moving you closer to your health goals. You will begin feeling the effects immediately! In these 3 and 5 day detoxes, you will receive organic, vegan, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense raw foods for maximum healing and cleansing. Each day you will pick up a day’s worth of food completely prepared and ready for you to enjoy. You will receive a 20 oz green smoothie for breakfast, a 16 oz plant-based protein lunch smoothie, and a 10 oz raw soup with raw crackers for dinner. Plus one Jenergy Bar as your emergency snack for the 3 days, and on day two for the 5-day program. Prior to the start of the detox, you will receive an email with a brief set of suggestions and instructions that will help maximize your detox results.

Detox Details

Tier I = Raw Soup
Tier II = Raw Soup + Salad

The cost of the Sip Detox:

3 day (Tier I) = $125
3 Day (Tier II) = $145
5 Days (Tier I) = $205.00
5 Days (Tier II) = $245.00

Detoxs Start on Monday & Wednesdays
Please contact us for a custom date range

Pick-ups are between 7:00 -10:30 AM at Sip Organic Juice Bar, 888 Forest Hills Ave SE, Grand Rapids, 49546.

Everything is prepared for you! Also included are pre and post detox emails with information and helpful tips to help ensure a successful cleanse.

*If you have any concerns or medical conditions, we highly recommend you consult your doctor for approval. This detox is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition.

Detox FAQs

For how long should I detox?
It depends on your goals. The body is efficient and adapts to change quickly, making a short detox effective for more surface-level cleaning. The awareness that comes out of a short detox is highly reliable in helping to create change. Longer detoxes allow for deeper cleaning at the cellular level, and aid in generating awareness of one’s body.
What is included in the detox?
Each morning, you will pick up your fully prepared meals, ready for you to enjoy. There are different options for you to customize your detox to make it the best experience for you. Breakfast is a 20oz green smoothie and lunch is a 16oz protein-rich smoothie. Dinner is your choice of either a 10oz raw soup with flax crackers, a house-made salad from our raw foods menu, or a pairing of both. You will also receive one Jenergy Bar as your emergency snack for the 3 days (two are included for the 5 day program). A pre- and post-detox email will be sent to you offering suggestions and tips on how to maximize your experience. You will have access to our private Facebook group for additional support and questions.
What is the difference between the group detox and the private detox?
Group detoxes are scheduled on regular dates that you can find on our detox calendar. Doing detoxes in groups allows you to be more flexible with your schedule and when you start the detox. You will receive our standard detox menu that has been perfected by the Sipster team. Private detoxes allow you to have more flexibility if you need it. They can be scheduled at any time as long as there is not a group detox taking place simultaneously.

Some reasons you should consider doing a private detox:
-Allergies to standard menu ingredients
-Aversions to standard menu ingredients
-Need more flexible pick up times (ex. evening pick up)
-Want custom pick up days outside of the standard Mon-Wed or Mon-Fri
-Need to pick up detox for multiple days at once

We are happy to accomidate your needs and want to make your detox experience the best possible. Please contact us if you have any questions about which detox would be the perfect fit for you.

What does the Sip detox cost?
Tier I
Green smoothie, protein rich smoothie, and raw soup
3 day : $115.50 (+tax) | 5 day : $192.00 (+tax)

Tier II,
Green smoothie, protein rich smoothie, and house-made raw salad
3 day : $131.00 (+tax) | 5 day : $218.50 (+tax)

Tier III
Green smoothie, protein rich smoothie, raw soup, and house-made raw salad
3 day : $147.00 (+tax) | 5 day : $245.50 (+tax)

How to I register for the detox?
You can register by phone or in-store. Feel free to email us at with your questions!
Where and when do I pick up my detox?
The location that you register with is your pick-up location. Please see our detox calendar for more information. Pick ups are each morning between 7 and 9 a.m.
What are the terms and conditions of the detox?
–If you have any concerns or medical conditions, a doctor’s approval is highly recommended before beginning any detox. This detox is not intended to treat or cure any illness and is not recommended for people under the age of 16 without the advisement of a medical professional.

–If you have allergies or aversions to any of the ingredients that we use in the detox, a private detox is required for your safety and satisfaction.

–Our cancellation/refund policy: With more than 48 hours notice you may receive a full refund. With 24 hours notice you will receive a 50% refund or full transfer to another detox. Canceling after the registration deadline of Sunday at noon renders you ineligible for a refund.

Are there any reasons that I shouldn’t detox?
If you have any concerns or medical conditions, it is highly recommended that you get a doctor’s approval before beginning this, or any, detox. This detox is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition.
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