Deck the Halls with a Holiday Detox

Apr 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

The holiday season provides seemingly endless opportunities to overindulge — family feasts, festive parties, and never-ending office treats.

Many of us celebrate without restraint and worry about recovering later. But why wait until the new year to make a resolution for your health? Why not approach the holidays with a stable, proactive plan that balances the small, simple joys of the season with your well-being?

It’s the perfect time of year to consider a short detox. Taking a break from meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods will allow your body to focus on healing and restoring its natural state of maximum health. You’ll not only shed a few pounds, but more importantly you’ll create intense awareness of what you put into your body and why.

By the time Jan. 1 rolls around, you’ll be happy that your jeans still fit, and you won’t have to be the first in line at your local gym.

Here are a few tips to get you off to a great start:

  • Plan Ahead: Grab your calendar and mark all the events and parties you have coming up. Making an action plan that allows for a guilt-free slice of pecan pie at Christmas and a couple seasonal cocktails here or there is key. In between festivities, eat cleansing meals full of leafy green salads and complete plant-based proteins, and schedule a short cleanse.
  • Detox: A 3- or 5-day cleanse will get your body used to feeling healthy so you will be more mindful of what you eat throughout the weeks ahead. Detoxing will make you aware of what your body truly needs and helps you protect yourself from social snacking and overeating. Save a longer cleanse (anywhere from 21 to 30 days) for after the first of the year.
  • Buddy Up: Recruit your spouse, best friend or co-worker to do a detox with you. They’re always easier — and more fun — with support. If they don’t care to join you, let your family know they’re on their own, and empower them to make healthy choices while you focus on your detox. Sip offers regular guided detox programs that are an easy way to join up with like-minded people. The ritual of picking up your ready-made meals each morning at Sip will get every day off to a great start and set the stage for a healthy holiday season.

For more information about Sip’s 3- and 5-day detoxes, click here.